Places of Interest - Jonesport, Beals, Local Downeast Maine

344 Main Street

Open Most Weekends about a 1.5 mile walk (3 miles round trip) from Sea Duck Cottage.

Enjoy the beautiful art from our neighbor on Main St in Jonesport, Maine.

Jonesport Historical Society

Jonesport Historical Society 21 Sawyer Square 

Located in the original building with a museum and genealogy of Jonesport and surrounding areas.  Learn about the history of the lobster, fishing business and historical events that took place in Jonesport.  Call for a tour and to view artifacts.

Coastal Cruises Jonesport, Maine

Coastal Cruises is led by Captain(s) Harry and Laura Fish – private tours and departs from Jonesport Marina.  See lighthouses, area islands, birds, sealife, and learn about the coast of Maine.  Coastal Cruises also rents kayaks and provides diving excursions.

Call (207) 598-7473 to reserve 

162 Main St in Jonesport.

Separate children’s library and lots of current fiction, nonfiction.

Kids activities throughout the summer.

39 Wildflower Lane
Beals, Island

Located on the other side of Beal’s Island (about 25 min from Sea Duck Cottage).  

Lots of marked hiking trails around Great Wass Island.  2 trails about 2 miles each – so combined about 4.5 miles.  No dogs allowed on the trail and wear proper shoes, the rocks along the beach can be slick.

Parking lot is available .

Marine research lab and education center.  Lots of “hands on” displays to learn about sea life.

Flotsam & Jetsam Gifts is located right on Main St in Jonesport.  Has lots of great nautical themed gifts and products. 


Address: 182 Main St

Address: Machiasport, ME

This beach is an amazing beach that is all small rocks.

The beach is best known for the unique sound the rocks make when they click together as waves go in and out.

Most of the pebbles have a reddish hue, dark enough to be almost brown, and this is where the beach gets its name: Jasper Beach. Jasper is an iron-rich form of silica, and the abundance of iron gives jasper its reddish hue.

Manafords Market / Grocer

2051 Indian River Rd, Jonesport, 04649 Located in Jonesport, ME - very close grocery store for any last minute grocery items.

4 Corners Shop N Save

372 US Hwy 1, Columbia, ME 04623 Short, easy drive up Indian River Rd - this grocery store has a. larger selection than Manafords.

Downeast Speciality Bakery 59 Franklin St Ellsworth, ME 04605

Located in Ellsworth - a bakery with KETO/SUGAR FREE baked goods, products, and meals.
We are a locally owned bakery at 59 Franklin Street in Ellsworth Maine.
Not only do we offer traditional bakery items but we also have low carb, sugar free and gluten friendly goodies. Great food and local fresh bakery for healthy alternatives.

Open 7 days a week - you can all and order for any special diet/need. Very good food and owner/cook as well as other staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their ingredients and products.
Maine Information

Sea Duck Cottage is a place to relax and enjoy a wonderful oceanfront property with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Dining inside Sea Duck Cottage (Jonesport)

Enjoy the renovated kitchen and know that there are 3 main grocery stores within 30 minutes of the property.

Manafords Market – about 5 miles away on Indian River Rd.  Check the hours they do close about sunset.

4 Corners – Colombia Falls – about 10 miles away on Rte 1 – carries Hannafords products and a bit larger selection than Manafords Market.

Hannafords Grocery – Machias – about 25 minutes away on Rte 1 in Machias.

Fresh Seafood in Jonesport

Enjoy some of the freshest seafood around. Go down to the dock off Main Street and watch the lobster boats come in with their fresh catches.

Make it easy on yourself and visit Guptills Seafood (Indian River Road) and enjoy the fresh catch of the day – cooked, steamed peeled, ready to to eat!

Jonesport Events and Activities

When you stay at Sea Duck Cottage, you will fall in love with the town of Jonesport.  A lobster town with a long history of providing fresh seafood, Jonesport is one of the best when it comes to lobster knowledge.   Enjoy the history of Jonesport at the well designed Historical Society of Jonesport.

Jonesport, Maine was incorporated in 1832 as a seafaring community.  Today, much of its original character still stands, bringing you back in time and that means a perfect setting for relaxing and meeting wonderful folks from Maine.  The Jonesport Historical Society Museum and Heritage Center is located in a historic 125-year old building in downtown Jonesport, very close to Sea Duck Cottage vacation home.

Every summer free Friday Night Movies takes place in the JHS meeting room, located at 21 Sawyer Square.   To view the artifacts and look up any family history the center is open Tuesday and Saturday 11 AM to 3 PM, or by request.  

Enjoy your time in Jonesport and at Sea Duck Cottage family vacation rental homes.


Your week in Maine